Tuesday 13 June 2017

Human Rights, Labor Union, Sex and Gender training

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 June 14, 2017

Human Rights, Labor Union, Sex and Gender’ training was organized by Yaung Chi Oo Workers’ Association form June (9) for three days at YCOWA’s safe house in Mae Sot.

There were 12 attendants who were from plantation, construction and garment factory.

 “The reason of arranging this training is to be able to overcome being abused over our migrant workers’ human rights, labor rights, and basic labor union what workers should be aware of” said one of the organizers, in charge of this training.

The first of the training, the trainer, Ko Myo Ko, explained human rights and 30 articles of Universal Declaration of Human rights for trainees.
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In the morning of second day, Sex and gender’ knowledge was led by the trainer, Daw Thuzar Kyaing and Ko Hein discussed the Labor rights in the afternoon.

The last of the training, Labors’ Union education was lectured the trainer, Ko Myo.

“This training is really helpful and valuable for me because I become aware of human rights and others rights. Moreover, I get to know that I have a right to get minimum wages under Thai Labor Law whether I am illegal or not.

It said that Yaung Chi Oo Workers’ Association has been working for Myanmar migrant workers since 1999 and they provide Legal Aid Section, Day Care Center, Ceremonies and Celebrations, Safe House, and Monthly Journal publication.

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Monday 12 June 2017

43rd June (6) memorable talk and 18th Birthday of establishing YCOWA

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 June 13, 2017
On June 6, 2017, 43rd June (6) memorable talk what honored 43rd Myanmar Labors Uprising and 18th birthday of founding of Yaung Chi Oo Worker’ Association were organized and celebrated at Yaung Chi Oo Workers’ Association’s safe house.
Poet Mg Lwan Ni and Writer and Editor U Soe Nay Lynn led and discussed June (6) talk.
They discussed about under one-party military government, the activities of Labors were getting strong and fight for better life and we called it “June (6). People in Maesot also should unite and from being united, workers, farmers, and students will remove absolutists for Federal Union.
Myanmar Migrant workers, Community Based Organizations, NGOs, and leaders from revolution associations celebrated June (3) talk. Thereafter, 18th birthday of founding Yaung Chi Oo Workers’ Association was honored. During 18 years, the founder of YCOWA, General Secretary of YCOWA, U Moe Swe have been helping for labors including minimum wages and loss on Thai legal way and the leaders from organizations said that they deeply honored and recognized for what YCOWA worked along the border. When Phi Ta who gave honor speech for YCOWA’s 18 birthday asked “Does YCOWA have a plan to enter inside Myanmar like other organizations”, U Moe Swe replied that YCOWA will still remain in Maesot as long as Myanmar workers are working in Thailand. Moreover, he added that YCOWA will be the last organization that will enter inside Myanmar.